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Girne İdeal Öğrenci Rezidansı

Why study in North Cyprus?

Look around you.

You are sure to know someone who has studied in North Cyrus.  More and more students decide to study here.  There are 12 universities now.  So why choose North Cyprus?  Here are 6 good reasons.

  1. Cyprus is one of the safest places on earth.  According to ValuePenguin, Cyprus has been voted the 5th safest country  overall and the safest small country (<5m population) in the world.

  2. Fully equipped universities.  Did you know that the largest library in the Middle East is in North Cyprus? Huge campuses, cities tailored to students' needs, laidback but social lifestyle, recreation and sports ground, and advanced technology make North Cyprus a great place to study.

  3. Students from across the globe are united in North Cyprus. According to the Ministry of National Education, 81,000 students from 107 countries studied in North Cyprus last year.

  4. High quality life. North Cyprus is a perfect place for students.  Large city living with a relaxed vibe.  Cafes, restaurants, great shops and nightlife. North Cyprus offers a laidback but social atmosphere.  The three main cities are only 30 minutes apart so the beach is always close by.  There is little traffic and queues are usually short.  

  5. It is cheap. It is much cheaper to study in North Cyprus. Student accommodation and tuition fees are as much as 50% cheaper.  The universities are accredited and offer some of the best Engineering Departments in the world.

  6. All year activities.  The hot summers and mild winters mean you can enjoy out-door activities all year round.  The beach season starts as early as April and can be enjoyed until the end of October. The winter offers an abundance of activities for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts.

Universities Near Girne Ideal Student Dorms

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Girne American University - only 5 minutes away

Cyprus Science University (CSU) - only 10 minutes away

Near East University- only 20 minutes away

University of Kyrenia - only 10 minutes away

Final International University - only 10 minutes away

ARUCAD - Arkın University of Creative Arts & Design -

only 10 minutes awas

North Cyprus- Direct Travellers' Advertorial

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